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Community Actions

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In line with the Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia principles, PPGCOM has a strong interaction with the identity territories where it operates, through the development of projects and actions integrated with scientific investigation, which generate different social, educational, cultural, and artistic impacts. Here are some of the projects developed by its faculty.

Extension project "Cultural Emergency in the Recôncavo"

Composed of professors and students from UFRB with a history of work in the field of management and cultural policy, with the participation of PPGCOM professor Daniela Abreu Matos. The project's priority target audience was public managers and municipal councilors of cities in the Recôncavo da Bahia and, as a secondary public: artists of different languages, cultural producers and managers and members of institutions, collectives, spaces, and cultural projects in the Recôncavo da Bahia. The first stage of the project, carried out between July and December 2020, aimed to 1. contribute and advise public managers of cities in the Reconcavo da Bahia Identity Territory to develop instruments and processes to fully receive the amounts provided for by the Law of Aldir Blanc Cultural Emergency (Law No. 14017/ 2020), ensuring broad access to the law's ultimate beneficiaries (workers and cultural workers, cultural organizations and spaces); 2. encourage civil society participation in implementing the law; 3. contribute so that public managers in the cities of the Reconcavo da Bahia Identity Territory develop, in partnership with civil society, more structuring strategies to face the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, designed in the medium and long term, of articulated with emergency actions made possible by the resources of the Aldir Blanc Law. 186 participants joined the project, including public managers and cultural agents from 18 municipalities in the Recôncavo da Bahia region.

Extension project "Youth, Education, and Life Projects"

Concerning the dialogue between the program and secondary education, the extension project “Youth, Education, and Life Projects” stands out, developed by the Group for Research and Studies in Youth – GEPJUV –, coordinated and also developed by prof. Daniela Abreu Matos. In force since 2016, the work has been carried out in partnership with high schools in the municipality of Cachoeira, BA, PPGCOM headquarters. In 2020, the action plan was implemented entitled “Dialogue with high school youth: life projects and the Covid-19 pandemic. What has changed?”, between October and December, which received funding from the Notice 04/2020 - Proext (Pro-Rectory of Extension), through the granting of a scholarship. In total, 06 workshops were held remotely, targeting high school students. In the medium term, this activity aims to encourage young people to access the public university, in particular at the Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia, as well as to show the importance of collective articulations for the creation and expansion of public policies aimed at youth, especially those coming from the popular classes.

CachoeiraDoc – Waterfall Documentary Festival

Professor Amaranta Emília César dos Santos is responsible for organizing one of the main festivals of the documentary genre in the country, a pioneer in the Northeast region. The festival became a national reference for its rigorous curatorship and reflections on curatorial practice, as well as for its firm performance about counter-hegemonic cinemas and in the proposition of selection and diffusion assumptions in counter-canonical cinema. In addition, CachoeiraDoc annually mobilizes a national and international network of filmmakers, documentarists, researchers, critics, journalists, and activists. In the first eight editions, it brought together around 17 thousand people, who watched more than 320 documentaries, many of them unpublished in Bahia and Brazil.

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